Launched in September 2013, Foreign Policy Today is an online platform for discussion of global events that are relevant to current U.S. foreign policy, with a special emphasis on Middle East affairs. FPT seeks to move beyond conventional media, by providing a different and thought-provoking perspective on current events that impact U.S. foreign policy.

In a concise and accessible format, FPT seeks to inform its readership on key events, provide policy recommendations, and generally promote constructive debate. Our team of editors and authors brings together a wide range of opinions from diverse backgrounds. FPT has no political affiliation. Interested contributors are encouraged to contact us.

Note: opinions expressed in each article are the authors’ alone and do not reflect the views of FPT’s editorial board, nor of their employers.

For comments and/or questions on content and submissions: foreignpolicytoday [at] live [dot] com.

Ramy Srour, Founder & Chief Editor

Ramy is originally from Italy. He currently writes for Inter Press Service in Washington, DC. He has formerly worked as a researcher at the International Research Institute Archivio Disarmo in Rome, Italy. He focuses primarily on nuclear proliferation, U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and on the geopolitics of the region. Ramy holds a BA in International Affairs from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR and a MS in International Relations and European Studies from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. He is fluent in Italian and Arabic.

Tawab Malekzad, Co-founder & Co-editor

Tawab is originally from Afghanistan. He recently graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon with a BA in International Affairs. Currently, Tawab is working at the Middle East Institute in Washington, D.C. as a Research Assistant where he focuses on bilateral and trilateral relations between Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. Tawab is fluent in Dari, Pashto, Persian, and Urdu.

Kelsey Aulakh, Co-editor

Kelsey is originally from the United States, but she considers home to be Neuchâtel, Switzerland as she lived there for eight of her most influential years. Kelsey recently graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon with a BA in International Affairs. She currently works for Portland’s Congressman Earl Blumenauer in Washington, D.C. Kelsey speaks French, German, and Swahili.

Cole Pfeiffer, Staff writer

Cole is originally from Piedmont, California, but has also lived in Brussels, Belgium, where he worked for the U.S. Embassy. He recently received a B.A. in International Affairs from Lewis & Clark College. Cole currently works for Portland’s Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, in Washington, D.C.

Emilio Giuliani, Staff writer

Emilio is originally from Minnesota. He previously worked for the Embassy of Iraq in Washington, D.C. and is currently in the Publications Department at the Middle East Institute focusing on the Kurdish issue and the conflicts in Iraq and Syria. Emilio recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BA in political science, international studies and history. Emilio speaks Spanish and is currently learning Arabic.

Katie Wilson, Staff Writer

Katie is originally from Santa Barbara, California, but currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She received a BA in International Affairs and Anthropology from Lewis and Clark College. Katie currently works as a director for a non-profit organization aimed at citizen outreach for environmental advocacy and consumer rights issues.



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